6 Ultimate Ways To Create a Professional Blog

Why I want to make my blog look professional?

Creating a Professional Blog is like the first basic step of your starting in your business. Most people are working hard to earn money online through blogging. Like they are working on 24×7. They are making unique content and now in the online blogging market, there is more and more competition begins towards. So if you want to grow in the market, you have to deal with many levels if as you are a beginner in blogging. Create a professional blog is also a level of your blogging journey.

Creates A Professional Blog

No matter if you just start blogging and you are a beginner. And Also If you want to know To Create a Professional Blog With Blogger. Yes, you also can Create a Professional Blog with Blogger. I will give you some tips on how to make Blogger look like a website. Now  you had to do is what, you had to make some effort or some investment

Add Custom Domain

You can check an example of my site also. The great thing is We start our website last month August 2020. And in one month we set up all the processes to look at my blog like a Professional. This article also based on our 1 month of experience.

Before making a blog professional make sure you have personalized themes on Blogger. there is a specific idea for How To Customize Your Blogger Blog Website. This will help you a lot with your blogging journey.    Today We gonna talk about only, How To Create a Professional Blog With Blogger. 

If you need a simple platform for a professional website that won’t require large feature sets – Blogger is absolutely great.  

List Of the ultimate ways to Create a Professional Blog with Blogger:

  1. Get a Domain Name.
  2. Create Your Own Logo And Favicon.
  3. Customize Your Blogger Blog Template.
  4. Adding Important Pages.
  5. Optimize Your Site for Mobile Devices.
  6. Add social media icons.

How To Create a Professional Blog Blogger

To help you create a more professional-looking Blogger site, I have provided some tips for you below:

1. Get a domain name:

When you register with Blogger, your website’s address will have an additional subdomain – blogspot.com. For example, if you want “infotechapb” as your site’s address, it will come out as “infotechapb.blogspot.com“. If you have a free blogger (.blogspot.com ) and your blog is ranking to google. Don’t Worry take it easy at that time you have the option to buy a new domain and add it to your blogger site custom domain. That Means “You can remove the subdomain” ( blogspot.com ) by buying a domain from a registrar such as Google Domain. Check your domain’s availability, purchase it, and you’re all set. You can add your newly-bought domain easily by going to Settings -> Publishing. There you will find custom domain options under the Publishing section.

2. Create Your Own Logo And Favicon:

A logo is a very impressive and unique way to present your brand and identity. If you create a representative logo, it will help your visitors to recognize your site for visiting again to our blog. Know here how to make the Best Logo For Your Site After you create your logo, you can place it anywhere you like. However, there is a place you must put the logo ‒ it’s called the favicon. Here is a tutorial for you on how and where to Make your Website Favicon. This is a very easy way ever.

3. Customize Your Blogger Blog Template:

You need to make sure that users can go through your website smoothly, without needing to stop and think of where something might be. You have to customize the following options:

  • Body Background
  • Header – Text Logo
  • Header  – Site Description
  • Simple Color Scheme
  • Main Navigation
  • Body Text
  • Headings Text
  • Post Titles
  • Sidebar Gadgets Titles

I’ve makes a blog already especially about, How To Customize Your Blogger Blog Theme.

4. Adding Important Pages:

Now after adding your website layout and favicon, it’s time to move on to pages.

Blog Website Important Pages Footer Example

The great thing about Blogger is that it lets you add up to 20 menus under your header. To create a professional website, you need to have the necessary pages ‒ Home, About, FAQ, Cookie Policy, and Contact. Good pages to have are: About, Portfolio (if you’re an artist), Books (if you’re published), Contact, and FAQ. There are two main types of content your blog should provide: static and dynamic content. Check this out after making your blog site these, Important Pages Should Be On Your Blog Site. This is also important to add these pages to your blog before applying to ad sense.

5. Optimize Your Site for Mobile Devices:

The computer is not the only device people use to open websites nowadays. Google bot is also crawling your web page from a tablet. It is very important to look at your website easily on mobile also.

Example Page: Mobile Responsive

Thankfully, Blogger has a special section for mobile layouts. It is located under the Theme settings. Click the wheel under Mobile to edit your mobile theme. If your blogger theme is not supporting Mobile View. Then I’ve made a list of Top 5 Mobile Friendly Blogger themes. It is also SEO Optimized for easy loading time.

6. Add social media icons:

Widget: Social Media Icons For A Blog Website

Blogger includes social media sharing buttons for each post but doesn’t have a good gadget to allow people to follow you on your social sites. If you look to the top right of this blog, you’ll see social media buttons that lead to my Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest accounts, and that allows people to subscribe to this blog through an RSS reader or email.

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