Ways To Take Screenshots In Windows 10 Ultimate Shortcuts


Taking a screenshot is easy nowadays on mobile as well as on a computer. In mobile, you can only take screenshots of full screen and after that, you can edit or crop.But in computers, there are many ways to take a screenshot of a screen whether it’s a full-screen shortcut or a half screen of an …

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Ultimate YouTube Downloader – Video Songs MP3-Mp4 In One Click


High Quality YouTube Video Downloader YouTube Video Downloader automatically take “High Quality” Video File from YouTube URL. Paste Your YouTube Video URL (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zru82DBCIEw&t=237s) in the below box and Click on “Download” button. Within Second it will generate your YouTube Video Download Button. © Design by InfoTech APB.com •

How to Increase Performance In Windows 10 Computer


Increasing Performance in Windows 10 PC is a Major issue Nowadays. Windows 10 is designed for a fast user experience which is the combination of extra visual effects and animation. And thus these animations and visual effects take a very high ram and processor usage. Also, these animation works with tons of temporary files and …

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Why & How to Clear Cache on Computer Browser

It is necessary to remove the cache on your computer browser to free up some space and enhance performance. If you don’t know how to do that, just follow the below guidelines: Note: the websites you visit may keep a record of your visit; the list below will only clean up the record on your …

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Best Way To Transfer Data Between Two Computers

In this article, you will learn how to transfer your data from an old computer to a new computer or transferring data between two computers. Before starting this process make sure to do a backup of your important files. We transfer data using Microsoft Sync 2.1 Tool. Learn How To Transfer Data Between Two Computers …

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How to Install And Convert Videos with Transmageddon in Linux

There are many ways to convert video files on Linux. This guide is going to focus on Transmageddon, a powerful graphical video conversion tool to convert video from and to many formats such as MP4, AVI, WebM, 3gp, and many more. In this tutorial you will learn: How to Install ‘Transmageddon’ How to Use Video …

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How to Convert RAR To ISO File For Free – 5 Easy Steps

Hello! guys, as you know converting rar to iso file was never so easy. These days converting a RAR file to iso is another big issue. Iso file is basically used for backing up optical discs, or for distributing large file sets that are intended to burn to an optical disc. To make a bootable …

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How To Reset Windows Password With CMD

If you’ve forgotten your Windows 7 administrator password and want to access your really important data, this tutorial is for you. Forgetting the account password is very common and you don’t need to panic, there are many ways to reset forgotten password for windows, the one I will show you guys is using a bootable …

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How To Install New Start Menu on Windows (Version 2004)

The most notable features of Windows 10 20H2 are the beautiful new  Start menu and the fact that you can use ALT + Tab in Microsoft Edge to switch between tabs. In fact, the secret behind this transformation is that, in fact, some of the features that will become permanent in Windows 10 2009 are …

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How To Free Up Hard Drive Space In Windows

The best methods to free up hard disk space Below Is a List of 7 Quick Ways to Free Up Hard Drive Space: Run Disk Cleanup. Uninstall unnecessary apps. Run disk analysis and defragment. Cleaning of third-party software temporary files. Find duplicate files. Disable system hibernation and restore. Use the sense of storage. How can …

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