Time Saving Computer Tricks Tips Everyone Should Know 2021

Have a look at some good computer tricks that are not commonly known:

1. Quick Cache Clear :

Clear Cache With Shortcut

Quickly clear your cache from your browser by pressing “Control,” plus “Shift,” plus “R.” This will also refresh your page.

2. Shutdown Shortcut Button :

This creates a clickable icon on your desktop, which you can rename. Right-click the file and enter Properties to add a shortcut key or double-click the file to run the program.

Creating Slide To Shut Down Windows 11
Renaming Shut Down File
  • Step 1.  Right, Click On Desktop.
  • Step 2. Click New> Shortcut.
  • Step 3. Just Copy The Above Code And Paste it into the New Shortcut Directory.
  • Step 4. Click Next>Save.
Windows 11 Shutdown Shortcut

Keep in mind, this is shut down, not sleep.

3. VLC Player Subtitle Synchronization.

If you rename the subtitle file the same as the movie name and Keep it in the same folder then VLC will load the subtitle automatically every time you open the Movie. Or you can drag and drop both files to the VLC media player.

4. Link Shortening

If you have a very long URL. And you want it short, for something Like to put in Instagram Bio or want to share or post. Then this is free and it’s easy.

The perfect free URL shortener for transforming long, ugly links into nice, memorable, and trackable short URLs. Use it to shorten links.

Free URL Shortener. Bit Ly URL Shortner

5. Use Google Timer & Alarm.

You can search Google timer in Google for a timer with an alarm.

Google Timer & Stopwatch

6. Pin Tabs in Chrome To Avoid Closing.

If you want to avoid the accidental closing of the tab at Chrome then Pin them.

Pin Tab In Chrome

7. Do you know Google Translate can be your Free Proxy

You have to select any language

Google Translate Free Proxy

8. You can use airport Wi-Fi by adding “?.jpeg” at the end of any URL


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