How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts And Rank In Top 5


Writing SEO-friendly blog posts is not much hard as it seems. Many people are on YouTube bringing wrong information about SEO. The way they tells about SEO is very hard for beginners and also not much useful. The quality of the content is one of the most important factors when evaluating a blog post, but …

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Blogging Tips for Beginners 2022 | Start Your Online Journey


There are plenty of people who are somehow happy to engage in blogging nowadays because they find the activity quite easier to engage with because of the tools available as well as the various blogging software available out there to take advantage of.  Knowing that this is one of the best tools one can make …

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5 Tips To Increase AdSense CPC And Earn More Money


There are many ways to increase your Adsense account CPC for your website and as well youtube account also, here we collected and discovered the top 5 ways to increase the AdSense CPC rate in the year 2021 General Tips To Increase AdSense CPC People who use Adsense as a monetization strategy forget that Adsense …

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7 Script Codes To Apply Themes For Blogger Sitemap Page


Once you’ve created your simple and classic HTML sitemap page for blogger by following the guide to creating an HTML blogger page., you still need to give it a great look for your visitor’s to stay for a long time on your website, and also for easily navigation plus better user experience. To give your …

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How To Create HTML Sitemap Page In Blogger – 3 Easy Steps


On the blogger website, there are two types of sitemaps. One is XML Sitemap, and another one is HTML Sitemap. / how to create HTML sitemap page in blogger / How to Create Auto Generate HTML Sitemap Page On Blogger How To Create HTML Sitemap Generator Page In Blogger With HTML Script? As compared to …

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How To Remove Date From Blogger URL In 5 Easy Steps


Remove “Date“, “Month“, “.HTML” from a blogger post URL:- No one likes the date and month in their website’s URL. So if you want to make your blogger posts URL like WordPress Website’s URL, you are in right place. Before Proceeding with this ultimate method to remove date from Blogger URL or remove .html from …

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Top 5 Premium Looking Free Blogger Templates


If you just started blogging with a blogger and want to look for the best responsive & AdSense friendly blogger template. Then you’re in right place, here we’re gonna share with you 5 best premium looking blogger templates to start your blogging journey. We stated these blogger templates with our own 3 years of blogging …

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