How To Share Blog Post On Facebook Page Automatically -3 Easy Steps

Sharing Blog Post On Facebook Page!

When you manually share your every blog post to the Facebook page it can become a time-consuming task especially if you’re publishing an article daily. But also you have many responsibilities to manage your business, also sometimes you can miss your Blog post to share it on Facebook. It is very Irritating for those who have many responsibilities.
But don’t worry, here is a solution to your problem, you can Share Blog Post On Facebook Page Automatically with any blogging platform ( Blogger or WordPress ). Just in 5 minutes, you can set up this process. And you can save more time and concentrate on your business.

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To Share Blog Post On Facebook Page Automatically

How to Share Blog Post On Facebook Page Automatically?

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a free online tool to automate interactions among your favorite apps and devices. Using IFTTT, you can automatically share your latest Blogger or WordPress blog post to your Facebook account. Follow the steps below to set it up and share the blog posts automatically on Facebook.

Sign Up With IFTTT And Add Your Blog Website And Facebook Page Account

Step 1. Go to IFTTT Website.

Step 2. Click on sign up to create your account.  

Create & Sign Up On IFTTT

Step 3. Sign with your Google account. ( You also can sign up with an Apple account, google account, and Facebook account).  

Connect Your Account With Google

Step 4. Now Click On Blogger Icon (orange side) to add your Blog Website to share blog posts automatically on Facebook. And Sign up with your Google account which is linked with your Blog Website.  

Sync With Facebook

You also can add your WordPress Blog Website to Share WordPress Blog Post On Facebook Page Automatically

Step 5. After Selecting your google account, which having your blogger website. Now Select your Blog Website which you want to share blog posts automatically on Facebook. Check the example as shown below  

Select Your Blog

After clicking on Update And Completing sign up with blogger Website it will redirect you to Home Page.     Step 6. After linking your Blogger blog or WordPress Blog With IFTTT. Now you have to click on the Facebook Page icon to give permission ifttt to share your blog post on the Facebook page automatically.  

start sync-blogger-and-fb-with-ifttt
Sync Blogger & Facebook

Step 7. Click On Connect to and log in to your Facebook account to give access to your Facebook page see below as an example 

Click Connect Facebook Page

After completing the sign-up with the Facebook page it will again redirect you to Home Page. Now you successfully completed Sign Up Process And Added Your Blog Website And Facebook Page Account To IFTTT. The next step is Creating A Condition that to share my blog post automatically on Facebook, Just follow the second and last step

Create A Condition Share Blog Post On Facebook Page Automatically

Step 1. Now Click on Create on the top right corner. To create a condition that your share blog post on Facebook Page (that you want) automatically.  

Create Condition To Share

Step 2. Now Click on If This (add) and add your blog website.  

Add If This

Step 3. Now scroll down to Select Your Blogging Platform and Select Blogger and add your blog website. If you have another platform like WordPress So Select WordPress or Search in the top search box.

Select Blogger

Step 4. Now Click on Any New Post,(Recommended), and if you want additional conditions so you can select New Post Labeled.  

Select Any New Post Condition

Step 5. Now Click on Then That (add) and Select A Facebook Page.  

Choose Then That Condition

Step 6. Now again scroll down to Select and Click on Facebook Page, as shown below  

Select Facebook Page

Step 7. Click on Add Ingredient and add which you want. You can Add your Post Title above the post URL. And also you Can add a custom message like I added, as shown below:  

Add Ingredeints

Step 8. Now Click on Create Action To Continue.  

Finish & Create Action

Step 9. Now Click on Continue and Select A Facebook Page.  

Click On Continue

Step 10. Now Review and Click on Finish and you can receive a notification by turning this on shown below.  

Click Finish

Now the Process is Finished and your condition is connected with your blog website and your Facebook page. Now, when you publish a new Blogger post, IFTTT will automatically share it on your desired Facebook page.

Now Its Conected

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Why Automatically Share Blog Posts on Facebook?

Facebook touts more than one billion daily active users. With an enormous user base, this social media channel offers a ripe opportunity for your business to distribute content. It’s an effective way to boost your website traffic. Facebook works best when you share content on a regular cadence. That way, you can build a loyal following who looks forward to your posts. By automatically sharing WordPress posts on Facebook, your social profile remains active, and you can engage followers with fresh content from your website.

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