How To Recover Lost Files From External Hard Drive

You may transfer a big quantity of data to another PC or laptop using high-capacity external hard drives. The main issue is that the more data that is saved on a single external hard disc, the more likely it is that it will be lost.

But don’t panic; we write down the 13 steps to recover lost files from external hard drive with external hard drive recovery software, you can effortlessly recover erased files from an external hard drive.

How to Recover Deleted Files From Pendrive, Hardrive, and SD Card!

Recover Deleted Files From Flash Drive, Hard Drive, External Drive

This tutorial is for the one who:

  • has accidentally deleted files from a hard disk or pen drive.
  • has accidentally formatted a hard disk or pen drive.
  • needs to recover lost data.
  • has lost a disk partition. This can be a result of a virus attack or disk failure. See the images below.
Local Disk K:

Your disk looks like this when opened in My Computer or Computer or This PC.


Your disk Properties look like this.

Disk look like in disk management

Your disk in Disk Management.  

Requirements To Recover Files From USB Drive:

Click here to go Official Download Page and install iCare Data Recovery

Free disk space of a separate hard disk, where you will save the recovered files.


Steps To Recover Lost Files From External Hard Drive

Step 1. Open iCare Data Recovery Software

I care Data Recovery Software

There are four options:

Lost Partition Recovery: Recover files from deleted partition or partition unrecognized etc. due to partition error, software failure, etc.

Advanced Files Recovery and Deep Scan Recovery: Recover deleted files, missing files, RAW drive, the drive is not formatted, etc.

Format Recovery: Recover files from a formatted disk.

The state of the hard disk used in this tutorial requires the Advanced Files Recovery option. This recovery option is most favored. You can choose the option depending on what happened to your files. The procedure is almost the same.

Step 2. Select the partition you would like to recover and click Recover.  

Recovering Lost Files With I Care

Step 3. Wait for the partitions to be scanned. The time taken depends on the size of the partition and the specs of your pc.

File Recovering In Progress

When the scan is done, a list of all previous partitions (from the first partition after manufacturing to the recent partition) will be listed. The size of the disk partition which was recently deleted is 51.27 GB. There is no need to select additional partitions since I don’t need files from those partitions.

Step 4. Click on the Show Files button.

Lost Files Recovered

Step 6. Select the location you would like to save the files to and click OK.  

Saving Recovery Files To Specific Directory

Step 7. Wait for the files to be saved. The time taken depends on the size of the partition and the specs of your pc.  

Saving Recovery File In Progress

Step 8. Open the folder you saved the files to. You will see a folder named similar to “1NTFS“. Open it to see all the files.  

Saved Recovery Files Folder

Step 9. We need to format the hard disk with the lost partition. Press and hold the Windows key and press R (Win + R) to open Run. Type diskmgmt.msc and press enter to open Disk Management.

Formatting Old Corrupted Drive With Command Run

Step 10. Right-click on the lost partition (RAW). Click on Format

Formatting Recovery Drive

Step 11. Enter the Volume label, select Perform a quick format, and click OK.  

Assign New Label To Formatted Drive

Step 12. Click Yes to confirm. Wait for the formatting to complete.

Asking To Confirm Format Drive

Step 13.Copy the recovered files to the formatted disk.  

Copping the recovered filed to formatted disk

That is all for now. Why can I still get data back from a formatted drive? By formatting a drive, it only erases the file address table. The data are still on the drive sound and untouched after you performed quick formatting or full formatting. Feel free to comment.

how to recover lost files on external hard drive
Copping the recovered filed to formatted disk

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