8 Ways To Promote Blog Free In 2021

Creating a well-designed blog and writing great content is just the start. In order to get readers for your blog, you will need to spend some time promoting it, especially when you first start. Click on the strategies below for more info. For more tips on promoting your blog make sure to  list 8 ways to promote your blog

Promote Blog Website on Different Platforms

When you’ve finished a new post and clicked “publish,” your work isn’t done. Using social media to promote the work is critical to its success. According to the Pew Research Center, two-thirds of Americans receive at least some of their news from social media. It is important to meet readers where they are.

Ways To Promote Blog For Free

  1. Alert Your Inner Circle.
  2. Use Social Media.
  3. Comment on Other Blogs.
  4. Engage with Your Readers.
  5. Collaborate.
  6. Create an Email List.
  7. Submit to Search Engines.
  8. SEO.
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Okay So, let’s start.

Use Social Media Plateforms For Free Promotion.

To begin, create a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a Pinterest account, and an Instagram account. You can share each new blog post on your social media pages, but you can also share important news and links to other sources that your readers may find useful. Remember to use hashtags to connect with your followers!

Joining Facebook Problem Solving Groups is one of my favorite ways to bring readers to my blog because in-group people want their problems solved, and then you can send them your direct post link to support them. Share links on my social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. This is fantastic because not only do your friends see the connection but your friends share the connection with their friends, you can automatically increase your readership. If you have high-quality material on your blog, social media is an excellent way for it to go viral.

Promote Blog on Facebook

With over 60% of adults using Facebook and 43% receiving news from the site, it should not be ignored. Since Facebook allows you to post several types of updates (link, photo, video, text, and story), you have plenty of opportunities to share your content in different ways.

Promote Blog On Linkedin

Posting on LinkedIn helps you to reach out to your colleagues, share industry news, and communicate with prospective employers or staff, as well as sources. The group actively uses LinkedIn may be searching for content that will help them advance in their careers, but that doesn’t mean you have to rewrite your message. It can only take a little imagination.

Alert Your Inner Circle

The very first people who should become aware of your blog are your inner circle. This includes family, friends, and colleagues within your field. Encourage them to become followers, ask them to mention your new blog, and – most importantly – thank them.

Comment on Other Blogs.

  Find other blogs in your community and engage with them. Using the comment section, introduce yourself and leave engaging and constructive comments. Many will allow you to leave a link to your blog. After creating relationships with prominent bloggers in your community, you will find yourself within their ranks quickly.

Engage with Your Readers.

When your readers leave comments on social media posts or on your blog, always engage with them. Reply to their comments and questions, give them “likes” and affirmations. When it is obvious that the author cares about his/her community and readership, visitors are naturally encouraged to return.


Become enmeshed in your blogging community by collaborating with respected members of your field. Collaborating includes guest posting, promoting each other’s blogs and products, and regularly interacting through comments and social media. Post Regularly: Post content regularly. Create an editorial calendar and stick to it. A good blogger posts at least once per. If you have long lapses between posts, your followers will drop off and your growth will be severely hampered. It’s not easy to post on a schedule, but it’s something you absolutely must stick to.

Create an Email List.

In addition to getting new readers to your blog, you will also want to make sure your current readers are coming back. This is where email marketing plays a big role. By collecting the email addresses of your visitors (with their permission of course), you can then notify them when you post something new on your blog. This keeps people coming back to your blog, which not only gives you more readers over time, it also allows you to build a closer relationship with your visitors.

Submit to Search Engines.

You want search engines to include your blog in their search results as soon as possible. Google: Sign up for a Google Webmaster account and open the Search Console. To add your blog, click “Add Property” and follow the steps to add your blog. Bing: Sign up for a Bing Webmaster account and add your blog.

Promote Blog With SEO Search Engine Optimization.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing your blog to receive traffic from search engines like Google.  Submitting your blog to search engines is the first step.  However, keep in mind that with a brand new blog your search engine results are going to be minimal to start with. However, this will change over time as long as you continue to add informative and relevant content on a regular basis. The more you add, and the more time that goes by, the better your search engine results will become. And search engine results lead to traffic and a larger audience.

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