How To Delete WhatsApp Message After 7 Minutes Deadline (Time Limit) – For Everyone

Looking to delete WhatsApp messages for everyone after 7 minutes deadline or at any-time even without installing any additional application. Here we discovered a few easy steps to delete WhatsApp messages after 7 minutes of the deadline by using your phone.

We still use this method to erase messages from WhatsApp at any time. Please Read Carefully!

How to unsend WhatsApp message after the 7 minute deadline

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications worldwide with active users of one billion. The Application Whatsapp is available for both windows, android, and ios operating systems. Even also you can run WhatsApp in a web browser by scanning a QR code.

But nowadays we all using Whatsapp with plenty of time, during forwarding or sending a message to your friends or family sometimes we sent a message to the wrong person. Or we sent a wrong message to specific person or group.

Although Whatsapp has features to delete a message for everyone within 7 minutes deadline. But sometimes it take long time to discover your mistake to figuring out that you sent a whatsapp message by mistake.

So there is a hack, to use and can delete a Whatsapp message for everyone after 7 minutes even you can delete it anytime. And you can delete whatsapp message after long time.

In this article we will show you how you can delete Whatsapp Message After Time Limit, without downloading any application.

How Can You Delete WhatsApp Message After 7 Minutes Of Deadline?

Deleting a WhatsApp Message After 7 Minutes of Deadline is works with a combination of changing the phone’s time and disconnecting it from the internet.

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Generally, you have 7 minutes to delete a message or media sent by mistake to WhatsApp Group or Chat. But situations are different sometimes because of ignorance and busy you checked late after 7 minutes, so there’s no way to delete the message you found after 7 minutes.
This is a problem that seems to be impossible to delete a message after 7 minutes of the deadline, but the good news is that it is possible without any installing any additional app.
Today we’re going to teach you how to delete the WhatsApp message within 7 minutes of the deadline. This trick works on both Android and iPhone.

How to Delete WhatsApp Messages For Everyone?

Messages that are successfully deleted for everyone will be replaced with: “This message was deleted”

Steps To delete A WhatsApp message for everyone Within Time Limit:

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the chat containing the message you want to delete.
  2. Tap and hold the message. Optionally, select more messages to delete multiple messages at once.
  3. Tap Delete > Delete for everyone.
Deleting a Whats-app Message For Everyone

How To Delete WhatsApp Message After Time Limit Without App

Although the seven-minute limit is good enough time for you to rethink your post, occasionally you can reach the time limit. Luckily, there’s a hack that lets you delete WhatsApp messages for all, even seven minutes later.

The hack that Androidjefe has found is pretty simple, More Important thing is you don’t need to download & install a third-party application or go through a complicated phase. So here’s how to Delete WhatsApp Message After 7 Minutes Deadline.


Here we will learn How Can I Delete A WhatsApp Message After Deadline Of 7 Minutes

Total Time: 1 minute

Step 1. Clear WhatsApp From Recent Apps.


Open Recent Apps On Your phone and clear whatsapp from them.

Step 2. Turn On Airplane Mode.


Turn On the airplane mode of your phone.

Step 3. Clear Cache Of WhatsApp App


Go to phone setting > Application Manager > WhatsApp > Clear Cache > clear cache and force stop your whatsapp.

Step 4. Change Time And Date Of Your Phone


Go to your phone Settings > Date & Time > Turn off automatic update of date and time and then adjust it with the timing of the message that you sent by mistake.

Note:- Change your phone’s time with the time of the message you want to delete, set your time between 7 Minutes deadline.

Step 5. Delete the WhatsApp Message For Everyone


Now you can go to WhatsApp and can delete the message for everyone.

Estimated Cost: 1 USD


  • WhatsApp Application


  • WhatsApp Messanger

Materials: WhatsApp App

After following all the above 6 steps you can turn off your airplane mode and turn on automatic update of time & date to match your time with real-time. And in the future, you can delete your messages sent by mistake by following the same steps.

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