How To Customize Blogger Blog Website

How To Customize Blogger Blog Website
New Blogger Interface Banner

Blogger provides you the facility to customize its settings, codes, design & add third-party codes inside it. For Customizing you need to enter to blogger dashboard. Once you log in and enter the dashboard you will see this kind of interface:   Here on the left side, you can see the main options of different features of blogger.

  • Post: Here you can go and create a new post, write new content about any topic. You can rewrite or edit the written content. You can create an unlimited number of posts here.
  • Stats: This section helps you to understand the website behavior, gives you information about website views, most popular post, and traffic audience statistics.
  • Comments: It will provide you the list or comment on the post of your blog, You can approve, disapprove, or mark it spam.
  • Earnings: This option will help you to apply for Adsense and display the status of AdSense.
  • Pages: This section helps you to create and customize your homepage or any other pages, In blogger, you can only create 10 pages. It’s limited however you can create an unlimited number of posts.
  • Layout: In the above image, you can see, I opened the Layout page, Here you can edit the homepage settings and widgets. You can also customize the favicon, logo, title, description, and many other things.
  • Theme: Here you can upload new blogger templates or If you want to change the settings or features. You can edit the HTML code and do that.
  • Setting: This section helps you to change the blog settings related to post, pages, SEO features, user access, and much more.

How to change blogger favicon icon: 

Know how to create a favicon or what it is?

Showing Way To Add Favicon In Blogger Website

Favicon icon display at the top of the website, It’s more on an image like a trademark or logo. You can add a favicon icon to your blog from Blogger Settings. From Dashboard go to layout and at the top, you will see the option of favicon (Check Above Image). Click on edit, then it will ask you to upload the favicon icon. Here you need to have a square-shaped image with less than 100KB size, create an image, and upload, You Are Done. Watch the attached video tutorial to do it parallelly.

How to Add a Widget’s to Blogger:

Now I am going to add some widgets & customize in bloggers for creating a professional blog in blogger.

  • How To add Contact Form in blogger:
Adding Contact Form Widget In Blogger Website

Log in to the blogger account and go to layout and decide where you want to add a contact form. In the column click to add a widget and then find a contact form in the list, click on the + button to add the contact form to the blogger. Give the title to your contact form and click on save. Watch the attached below video tutorial to do parallel.

  • How To add Facebook Page Or Post :

To add social sharing like Facebook like a box, you need to have a code from Facebook, go to the Facebook developer, and create a like box, It will give you code. Copy the code and go to blogger layout & click on add a widget where you want to add Facebook like a box. It will show a popup box, here select HTML/JavaScript and paste the code then click on save. You are done, Watch the attached below video tutorial to do parallel. Simple Way  Go to your Facebook page or post. Just click on the three dots button. there is an embed option. click ( shown below). Click on Embed

Clicking On Facebook Post Options to Embed
Generating Code For Embedding Post To Site

Click On Like Button.

Creating And Customizing Facebook Like Button For Website

Click On Get Code.

And go to your blogger website, paste the code to your blogger widgets, by clicking on Layout > Add Widget > Past the code, Save, and Exit.  

How to add email subscription to blogger:

Like you added a contact form, in the same way, you can add a subscribe button to your blog. Click on add a widget and select email subscription form then give the title and click on save. You are done, Watch the attached video tutorial to do parallelly.  

Top Blogger Widgets:

  1. Subscribe Us
  2. Contact Us
  3. Social Sharing
  4. Facebook Like Box
  5. Popular Post
  6. Featured Post
  7. Labels
  8. Related Post

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