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You’re mistaken if you think that writing a good blog post only means using the right words. There are a lot of other aspects that help to make your blog post a success. In fact, becoming a great writer, but not so successful at blogging, is possible (and even pretty common!).

How can that be? Ok, imagine you’ve written an article that’s very well-researched and informative and provides all the information that your readers are searching for.

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But it’s SO well-researched and descriptive that it’s hard to read your paragraphs that are very long. Perhaps, in fear of interrupting the flow of your post, you forgot to add photos or other media material. People are more likely to press the “back” button because it seems like a large wall of text than to sit and read the whole thing.

How To Create Blogger Post And Page? Tutorial For Beginners!

Publish a post/article on the Blogspot website
Since you have successfully created a website on Blogspot, you can now start posting articles on your new website. Refer to the below screenshot. Write content, title, and hit Publish to publish the post.
This Is Your Blogger Editor  

Blogger Dashboard New Interface

Learn how to create a free blog website on blogger in 2020? There are all the functions of Blogger Editor    

Blogger New Interface Dashboard Detailed Information

How To Start Writing A Blog In India?

If you want to Start Writing A Blog, follow these steps:

  1. New Post: to create a new post.
  2. Posts: showing your all uploaded posts and also you can edit your posts.
  3. Stats: is showing you all posts total cont and view. (you can also check in briefly to Google Search Analytics, in search analytics they provide you traffic source or etc.)
  4. Comments: in this section, you can check your all posts and page comments published by the public, and also you can react to them.
  5. Earnings: earning section is for later (when your blog is a minimum of 2 or three months old and you reaching daily 500-page view learn more. )
  6. Pages: to create a new page ( about page, privacy policy page or contact us page)
  7. Layout: layout is used to customize your blogger theme or your website interface. (if you installed a theme you can edit it by Layout tool.)
  8. Theme: in this section, you can upload download, and create your website theme. And if you are a coding master you can edit your HTML. ( Download Responsive Themes)
  9. Setting: in this section, you can manage your website’s setting. ( How to Manage Website Setting )
    Reading list: in this section, you can read the blogs you follow them.

There Are 2 Thing That You’ll have to learn In Starting:

  • Creating A Post.
  • Creating A Page.

Learn How to Create a Post In Blogger:-

Step 1. New Post:

Click On New Post> There Will Be A Windows Opened as shown below. ( Add Your Data To Your Post Or Page )

Showing Arrows to Write A Blogger Post New Interface

Step 2. Title Of Your Post:

The title of your post is a very important step. Because it describes your post content and your link is also based on your post’s first title. Example: Let Your Post Title Is How to use Phone And Your Blog address is After You Uploading Your Post Your Post Link Is Like So, The Post Title IS Very Important To Clarify The Post Content. (It Helps ins SEO)

Step 3. Body Of Your Post:

this means the all content you had to write in or the photos and videos you want to share.
Example:- I write What is lorem lispum as shown below.

Publishing a blogger post to Public

Step 4. Label Of post:

In simple Words, Label is the Category of Your Post.

Example: Let assumes You are making a blog of  Fitness. So, you can create a label for your post in Health.

Adding a label before publishing a blogger post

How To Create A Label: Let Your Label Of Post Is health so, you can write it as “Health,”
And Don’t Forget To Add A Comma After your Tag. And You can add 2 or more labels by adding a comma after one tag respectively.

Step 5. Links Permalink/Custom Link:

Setting the desired permalink structure in Blogspot? You may be wondering what is permalink – It’s a link (Address, which you enter in browser to view your posts) to your post/article There are two options available when you write a post.

changing custom permalink in new interface of blogger

Automatic permalink:

Blogger would automatically generate the permalink for the current post, based on the title provided in the title section.

Custom Permalink:

Choose custom permalink in the sidebar as shown in the below screenshot and provide the value. Lowers case words with a hyphen(-) in between are the best choices. Learn More About Permalink.

Step 6. Publish A Post:

after you write or upload your files to post you can directly publish your post by clicking on Publish as shown below. ( How To upload files image or video )

publishing a static page to public in blogger

Learn How to Creating a Page In Blogger:-

How To Use page Editor in blogger?

Step 1. Click on Pages>

clicking on pages in blogger dashboard

Step 2.  Click New Page>

clicking on new page in blogger dashboard

And There Is Windows Showing Like This. (Add Your Data To Your Post Or Page)

Step 3. Title of your page: is a very important step Read Step 2 Of Post Editor.

writing the way to publish blog page in blogger

Step 4. Search Description: This is used for your page or post that might appear in the google search result. Search Description is also called meta Description. And it is the text shown below your link on the google search result page.

You had to write your own search keywords.

Describing Search description box in new blogger interface

Example: You are creating a page about your organization named www. So, you have to write in Search Description “what is www” or “what is www provides” like this.

Step 5. Publish: after you write or upload your files to the page you can directly publish your page by clicking on Publish as shown below.

( How To upload files image or video )

showing publish button in new blogger interface


The Next Step Is How To Promote Your Blog For Free in several ways.

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