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Should i upgrade to windows 11?


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I am using windows 10 for a long time. Now is this a good option to upgrade my windows 10 to windows 11 now?

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It depends if you current PC meets the Windows 11 requirements, whether Windows 11 offer something that you need and cannot do with the current system, whether all the Apps you currently use will work on Windows 11, and how much confidence you have that Windows 11 is sufficiently free of early bugs to make it worth while.

Only you can decide. However, have you considered upgrading in other directions such as one of the free Linux distributions, which may offer better security and less problems than seem to appear from time to time in Windows?


I’m waiting to see what happens. M$ will continue to support Win 10 for another 4 years so there’s no hurry, and if you’re got older hardware you might need a new PC to run Win 11 as its requirements are more stringent.

It also seems to be tied more firmly to 365 software than other versions so there might be other software upgrades also needed.

I’ve had a preview - nothing new that I particularly need, and I’ve used every version of Windows since 3.1 back in 1990.

Also Windows has a history of every second version being a dog - 2000, Vista and Win 8 were all short-lived and poor performers. Win 98, NT, XP, 7 and 10 were excellent and so were some builds of Millennium but others were unreliable.

So just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s better. My advice is to wait until you have to upgrade before you spend any money.


I would recommending waiting until it is actually released. The leaked “insider” install is a “still in process” copy and has lots of bugs, crashes, etc. Plus not all the features are installed. And there are currently no hardware drivers for devices. No one is making Win 11 drivers yet. the preview copy is intended for developers and others to be able to see a “close to ready” preview of Win 11 so they can begin developing drivers and software to work with it. It is NOT intended for the average person to run on their home PC. It is not yet finished and stable.

Wait until Microsoft actually releases it before installing it.