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Over the years, email marketing has Asia Email List become an art form. There are so many variables that it is almost impossible to scientifically pinpoint what works or does not work. From personal experience, I found 5 major challenge marketers Asia Email List have today is the simple fact that an email address is akin to having post office boxes. more "personal" email addresses. Studies done by HubSpot found that the older the person is the less likely he/she Asia Email List will have a second email address. This is a trust issue and a big one. How many in your email list are

A second behavior challenge bridges Asia Email List age groups as well. Older folks do not have the savvy or have not embraced technology Asia Email List completely and are not fully aware on the use of filters. If you are targeting a younger set, marketers Asia Email List need to be aware that they grew up with the technology and are more sophisticated in its use the emails using our past experiences as a filter. We tend to summarize all of these experiences into Asia Email List a list of "spam words." These words will automatically trigger a response - instantly delete your email.

The advent of the Smartphone has Asia Email List created another obstacle for email marketers. People's behavior on when to check emails has Asia Email List changed. A Smartphone gives us all the advantage of being able to check our emails on the go whether we are waiting for a traffic light to change from red to green, or waiting in line at the Asia Email List supermarket. Marketers have just a few seconds to capture the person's attention. Tied to the greater introduced to Apple's first iPhone, email messages were typically opened during working hours in a specified made it easy for us to check out emails on the go even during recreational activities on the weekend.