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[Solved] What to do before applying for AdSense?


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What are the AdSense policies that should be in my mind when applying for AdSense?

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Below are some AdSense policies that should be in mind when applying for AdSense approval. Also, check our previous article of "7 Ultimate Tips To Get Google Adsense Approval Easy & Fast"

1. 10–15 Unique content: According to Adsense, they want unique content. What's included in their policy. But I saw many websites having Adsense with copied content. So it's not necessary but I recommend avoiding using copied content. Write 10–15 unique articles with at least 1000 words.

2. SSL certificate: It's necessary to have an SSL certificate installed on your website. Whether you are applying for AdSense or not. SSL certificate is not only one of the approval factor but google also make it mandatory for websites to avoid insecure pop-up messages. “Your website is not secure” this message will make your visitors feel unsafe.

3. Well-coded theme: A well-coded theme not only makes your site load faster but also helps in AdSense approval.
No other ad programs at the time of approval: Adsense didn't allow you to use other ad programs with theirs. I know You can use it but just avoid it at the time of the approval period.

4. No plagiarism: Always practice no plagiarism if you want to rank your articles or getting AdSense approval. Note: With plagiarism, your article will never rank in search engines.

5. Royalty-free images: Don't copy from other websites or if you really like it then make sure to give pic credit/source. I would prefer to use royalty-free images sites like Unsplash, Pixabay, etc.

6. Important pages like privacy policy, terms, and conditions: Your Website looks more professional with these pages. This is one of the approval factors as far as I know.

7. No Page views required: Most of the time you heard that 50–100 pageviews daily or 1000–5000 pageviews monthly is required for AdSense approval. That's not true.


Note: I got the approval when I had only 10 or 12 articles with 0 views per day. But the most important thing I noticed that time is the SSL certificate.

Good luck 😊 and let me know when you got the approval.

I am here to help you.


Before Make sure your contents are Up to Quality and unique. 10–15 posts minimum of 500 words.

then Add,

Proper About PageContact Page with a Contact form, Privacy Policy page Reg. what user information your websites collects.

Plus Add cookie consent banner.

Now you are Good to go!


Hello everyone 😄 hope you're doing fine. Let's dig in AdSense Helpful Tips

Google AdSense is the most widely used ad product used by publishers across the web. Due to its wide availability, it has increased Google’s ability to further attract top advertisers to its platform. This means that AdSense has remained a powerful ad monetization tool for most publishers.


However, due to the complex nature of the ad ecosystem, many publishers are often missing best practices and other Google AdSense optimization tricks on their websites.


Researchers have estimated that nearly 80-90% of AdSense users are lacking some of the most common optimization tips and best practices. Below, I’ll outline what these are and how to implement them in your AdSense account.


The best way to start is by doing a FAQ around some of the most common terms and questions AdSense publishers ask.


I’ll start here and provide advanced insights to those who may be looking for a more detailed edge in how they monetize their web properties with AdSense.


What is Active View CPM?

Active View CPM is when at least 50% of an ad is displayed on the screen for 1 second. This is important to publishers; as it is a core metric advertisers use for determining viewability.


It is one of the ways publishers can earn money from display ads.