18 Amazing WhatsApp Tricks Tips You Should Know!

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Latest Whats-app Tricks And Tips

In the Whats-app application, you can do as many tricks and tips as you want, same on the computer you can do more stuff like this. So don’t forget to check these cool computer tips, and Amazing Computer Tricks 2020.

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Amazing Whats-App Tricks And Tips:-

Typing Different Texts In WhatsApp Tricks And Tips:-

It’s been a long time when WhatsApp launched, but you’ll be surprised when you know these Amazing WhatsApp tricks and tips. Most people aren’t aware of these Amazing WhatsApp tricks, these tips make your simple chatting strategy into Creativity. Also, it saves me a lot of time, and these tips more helpful for those who are using WhatsApp for writing long paragraphs and want to define their text effectively creatively.

How to type Bold Text in WhatsApp?

If you want to send someone a Bold text in WhatsApp, just put a star (*) at the beginning of your words or a sentence and put another second star (*) at the end of your sentence or word.
If you want to send someone Happy in bold text, then it will be written as Happy.

How to type Italic Text in WhatsApp?

Sometimes you need no make your text different from simple WhatsApp text, so you can type your WhatsApp text in Italic Text format by putting one underscore at the beginning of the sentence or word and another second underscore at the end of the word or sentence.
If you want to send someone Happy in Italic text, then it will be written as Happy.

How to add Strike-Through Whatsapp Text?

If you want to add strikethrough your text in WhatsApp, just put a tilde at the beginning of your sentence or word and one tilde at the end of your sentence.
If you want to add strikethrough your word Happy, then it will be written as ~Happy~.

How to type Monospace text on WhatsApp?

If you want to send someone a message or paragraph in Monospace Font text, just put three grave accents (`) to either side of the text.
If you want to create Happy in monospace text, then it will be written as Happy.

How to type instant different text on WhatsApp?

There is one more way to do this all instantly while chatting on WhatsApp, just select your text or highlights the word or sentence, and tap more choose from bold, italicize, strikethrough, or monospace. This doesn’t work on all devices though, so you might have to do the long way.

Delete WhatsApp Message After 7 Minutes Deadline

Can you delete WhatsApp messages for everyone after the time limit?
Yes! Anyone Can delete WhatsApp messages for everyone after time limit even without installing any additional application.

How Can You Delete WhatsApp Message After 7 Minutes Of Deadline?
Deleting a WhatsApp Message After 7 Minutes of Deadline is works with a combination of changing the phone’s time and disconnecting it from the internet.

Check who you To Talked More on WhatsApp:-

Do you know who is the person to that you talked more with you than others on WhatsApp and who is the person or group that sends you more media files?

  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone, click on three verticle dots and tap on “Settings“.
  2. Now Tap on “Data and storage usage” next to the notifications shown below in the image.
  3. Now tap on “Manage Storage” the top first option in ‘Data and storage usage’.
WhatsApp Tricks Settings-Data and storage usage
WhatsApp Tricks-Manage storage usage
WhatsApp Tricks- Chat size larger to smaller
Whatsapp tricks indicating storage chat size
  • Storage Usage:- Now there is showing your storage usage, storage usage indicates that how much space or storage is using your WhatsApp media files.
  • Forwarded Many Times:- After this showing”Forwarded Many Times” it indicates that the media files you have is comes to you after the dash number of times forward.
  • Larger than 5 MB:- After Forwarded Many Times’s Coloum there is showing that the files are larger than 5 MB. The files are larger than 5 MB is using a ‘”dash'” space in your device.
  • Chats:- And the last and final is chats which indicate how much space is taking your chats, and this is showing in larger to a smaller size in order. And another meaning of this is a large number of chat’ size indicates that you have to chat with this number or person is more from others. And respectively in order, you can check to whom you chat or transferred your media files.

Useful WhatsApp Tricks And Tips

Send Private WhatsApp Massage in Bulk

Sometimes you need to send a single message to your all WhatsApp contacts or sometimes only to your family members. But in WhatsApp, you can forward a message or video to five people at a time. But you know you can send one or more messages to your all contacts at one time also privately. Do you hear before Broadcast, yes broadcast is a simple and smart way to send your messages private in bulk option, All you have to do is create a broadcast list by following the below instructions:

How to Create A Broadcast Chat in WhatsApp?

To Create A Broadcast Chat in WhatsApp, open your WhatsApp chat > Click on Three verticle Dots > Click on New Broadcast > Add Contacts that you want.


After creating broadcast chat there is showing how many recipients you added like 2 recipients shown below. But you can change your broadcast list name and can add more contacts anytime you want. So let’s discover:

How to Add Contacts to Broadcast Chat?

To Add Contacts to Broadcast Chat open your specific broadcast chat on your WhatsApp mobile and click on broadcast info > by tapping on three verticle dots or the top-right menu >. Now click on the Edit Participants > next to your broadcast chat name and add the name (desired WhatsApp broadcast chat name).

How to change the name of a WhatsApp broadcast list?

To change the name of a broadcast chat open your specific broadcast chat on your WhatsApp mobile and click on broadcast info > by tapping on three verticle dots or the top-right menu >. Now click on the pencil icon > next to your broadcast chat name and add the name (desired WhatsApp broadcast chat name).  

WhatsApp Tricks-Broadcast edit info-edit name
WhatsApp Tricks-Edit Broadcast Chat Name

Follow these images to change the WhatsApppp broadcast name easily

And also you can make your separate broadcast list by groups. Let’s take an example, I’ve makes my separate Broadcast lists:-

  • College Friends.
  • Office Friends.
  • Family Members.
  • Relatives. Etc

Now, whenever I want to send work details, I have to send them once in the Broadcast list, and it will be delivered to all of my office friends privately. Try this, It’s easy and takes less than a minute to do.

You can check whether your message is delivered to your all contacts or not, and check seen by how many people’s by selecting a separate message and then click on Info on the top right corner of your WhatsApp chat. It will show you a list of all the WhatsApp contacts having in your specific broadcast chat, and you can check how many received it or seen by how many people’s.

Save your mobile data from WhatsApp

Whatsapp uses heavy data during chats with transferring media files, especially for those who are involved in many WhatsApp group chats. When anyone sends media files to you on WhatsApp private chats or in WhatsApp groups, WhatsApp download automatically all images, videos, and audio files including spammy files even you don’t want to download them. And also it’s very disgusting to deleting them one by one. But here’s an amazing way to stop downloading these spam WhatsApp media files. So the question is:

How to stop downloading automatic media files on WhatsApp?

To stop downloading automatic media files on WhatsApp while using mobile data follow the below steps

  • Android:- WhatsApp Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Media Auto-Download > When Using Mobile Data > Uncheck or toggle off all images, videos, audio, documents whatever you want, and then click ok.
  • IOS:- Whatsapp settings > Storage Usage > and choose by content type.

Also, you can turn off media auto-download while using wifi network, the process is the same as above I tell you, just select when using WiFi networks instead of when using mobile data after that process is the same.

Add New Contact Through WhatsApp QR Code

Adding a new WhatsApp contact has many ways, and sharing your mobile numbers through spoken has too old. Now if anyone wants your WhatsApp number just show them your QR code to add immediately your contact to their mobile.

How to create a QR code to Add a WhatsApp number as a Contact?

  • Go to WhatsApp Settings > Profile > Click On QR Code.
WhatsApp Tricks-QR code to add new contact

My code:- the QR code showing in the image is my code, you can share it as an image through any social media account Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, etc.   Scan Code:- When you tap on Scan Code, it will open your QR Code Scanner to scan others WhatsApp QR code to add a new contact
Also, you can take a screenshot of this and share it anywhere If you want to make your custom QR code you can create it here:- QR Code Generator.

WhatsApp Hacks Tricks And Tips

Save WhatsApp Status Without App

When you are viewing Whatsapp statuses on your phone, it will be stored in your phone’s WhatsApp temporary folder. That’s why you able to view it again without buffering. But it will be deleted automatically after 24 hours. In the meantime, if you like anyone’s status, you can save it without asking anyone. Below is the way to save any what’s app status without any app and without asking anyone.

I am using this trick from starting it is one of the best time-saving and space-saving WhatsApp tricks ever. 

Let’s Start Here:- After Viewing any status in your contacts, open your file manager on your phone.

Got to your Internal Storage >, open your WhatsApp > folder, and then Media > folder after that .statuses > (

it might be [/sdcard directory or /storage/emulated/0 directory] [Internal Storage > WhatsApp > Media > .statuses >]

If the “.statuses” folder is not visible, you can click on Three dots and tap on Show hidden Files

1. Click on Three Verticle Dot :

WhatsApp Tricks-Save Status without app-click on three dots

  2. Now click on Show Hidden Files >  

WhatsApp Tricks-Save Status without app-show hidden files

  3. Now Open the “.Statuses” folder  

WhatsApp Tricks-Save Status without app-open statuses folder

  4. And here are all the temporarily existing statuses. Now you can Copy/paste it to another folder location to save it permanently on your phone.  

WhatsApp Tricks-Save Status without app-showing all statuses of whatsapp

The “.nomedia” folder is the reason the files aren’t shown in the phone’s gallery.

Change Your Friends Status From Your Phone:-

This one is very interesting and Rare. Only a few people know about it. If you want to do a prank with your friend this one is perfect. After following the below steps you can change your friend’s WhatsApp status from your phone, And you can take that screenshot and send it to your friend. 

This method only works/shows on your phone and all changes in your friend’s status will be visible only on your phone. You can take a screenshot of that status from your phone and send it to your friend.

After Viewing your targeted friends status, find it on your phone ( as I already tell you in the last trick that how to find anyone’s status and download), when you find your friends status just:

  1. Copy the filename of your friend’s status (file1).
  2. Paste the filename to the new photo/video (file2) that you want to show to your friend’s status.
  3. Now copy/move the new photo/video (file2) to the “.statuses” folder and replace it with the old status file (file1)
  4. That is all you have to do after the entire steps check you’re WhatsApp Statuses, and there will be a change in your friend’s status.
  • file1:- the original status file of your friend.
  • file2:- the new status file that you want to be on your friend’s status.

Hide Private Photos And Videos On WhatsApp:-

This Whats App Trick works when someone sends you a file/photo/video on WhatsApp and for some reason’s you want them files not to show in your gallery as well as in the WhatsApp chat where you receive the files but want to save it for later to see. There is a solution to the situation, and the good thing is this will also work without installing any other application.

Steps to save any whats app media file in a secure folder:
  1. Download the Media File (Photo/Video) on your WhatsApp.
  2. Now tap and hold, and then click on Delete(in the top right corner).
  3. Click/Uncheck on delete media in this chat.
  4. Now click on Delete for me.

Now the files that you deleted will be saved in your WhatsApp Folder, but no file/photo/video will be shown in your gallery and WhatsApp chat. The files will be saved in:

  • If the file is a video, then it will be in “Storage/Emulated/WhatsApp/ Media/Videos/Private”
  • If the file is an image, then it will be in “Storage/Emulated/WhatsApp/ Media/Images/Private”
Save your Own Files By Self:-

You can save your own files by sending them to yourself. After sending just do the same process as I tell you up, (delete for me). But this time the files will be saved in:

  • If the file is a video, then it will be in “Storage/Emulated/WhatsApp/ Media/Videos/Sent”
  • If the file is an image, then it will be in “Storage/Emulated/WhatsApp/ Media/Images/Sent”

Now Every time you can save your Media files without installing an additional application. This will also save you time, and no one can find your file’s

Change My/Your Friend’s Profile Pic From WhatsApp:-

This is another one much interesting WhatsApp trick ever, this is a little bit same as the trick “Change Your Friends Status From Your Phone”, you can say it a prank also.
In this ‘WhatsApp trick’, you can change your Friend or Colleague’s ‘WhatsApp Profile Picture’ from your phone, without even asking them. But it will be shown on your phone only, You can send them a screenshot of her/his WhatsApp profile Picture after changing their DP.

Change Your/My Friend’s Profile Pic On WhatsApp In Phone:-

  1. Go to “WhatsApp Profile Pictures” Folder [ Internal Storage > WhatsApp > Profile Pictures ]
  2. Locate your Friends Profile picture.
  3. Copy the Image filename of your friend’s profile picture. And delete this Profile Picture.
  4. Now Find or make her/his profile picture will look funny or as you want.
  5. Rename this new picture with the Name you copied from Step 3 the old original file.
  6. Now move this Profile picture to the “WhatsApp Profile Pictures” Folder [ Internal Storage > WhatsApp > Profile Pictures ]

Also, you can replace it with a new file by direct moving to that folder and replacing their names.

Now you can show his/her profile pic from your phone. He/She will be shocked. If your friend is so far away from you, so take a screenshot of their profile pic and send them, he will be shocked.
If you can’t find the “Profile Pictures” Folder on your Phone, so there is one another way that you can do this same WhatsApp trick on your Computer Or laptop.     Change Your/My Friend’s Profile Pic On WhatsApp In Computer:-  

  1. Connect your phone to your computer via USB cable.
  2. Go to WhatsApp Profile Pictures folder located directory as
  3. Locate your Friends Profile picture.
  4. Copy the Image filename of your friend’s profile picture. And delete this Profile Picture.
  5. Now Find a new pic or edit and make her/his profile picture will look funny or as you want.
  6. Rename this new picture with the Name you copied from Step 4 the old original file.
  7. Now move this Profile picture to the “WhatsApp Profile Pictures” Folder [ Internal Storage > WhatsApp > Profile Pictures ]

That is all you have to do is now send him a screenshot of his profile photo or show directly to him on your mobile phone, and after seeing that he/she will gonna shocked at the moment. This is really a great prank, try it yourself it’s easy.

Stop Seeing Media files in Gallery of Specific Chat(Media Visibility):-

If you want to stop the media files sent by your friend or colleague not to show in your phone’s gallery, well it is possible to stop showing media in the gallery of a friend and even the entire WhatsApp group. What you have to do is follow some simple steps to stop:

Go to your friends chat and tap on Profile of the friend who’s media files you don’t want to show in the gallery:

  1. Tap on “Media Visibility” next to the custom notifications shown below.
  2. It will ask you “show newly downloaded media files in your gallery”
  3. Make a selection to “No” and Tap on “Ok“.
WhatsApp Tricks-Stop Media Visibility
WhatsApp Tricks-Stop Media Visibility- tap on no and ok

  Now every time when the person “that you stopped receiving media files in the gallery” sends you any media file image, video, audio, and document it will not show in your mobile phone’s gallery anymore, but you can see this in chat till and if you deleted that file from chat now it will available in your   WhatsApp folder located at:-

  • WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Images > Private (if photo).
  • WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Video > Private (if video).

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