All Google Tricks List And 96 Free Online Games

Below is a list of 20 Most Interesting Latest Google Tricks That Works With Google Search Engine and google Fun And Games 2020, to impress your friends which you have been unaware of so far in life.

After using these tricks you will definitely gonna share them with your friends. Because these Google Search Tricks Fun And Games  So get ready to explore the new amazing computer tricks 2020 helpful and useful.

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Perfect & Right Ways To Search On Google.

Before you start exploring, let’s check some amazing stuff. Google search engine do any kind of tricks, here are some of the Awesome Google Search Tricks.

How to be Perfect in google search results?

To be Perfect in google search results you need to do is add some symbols before a perfect google search. And what are these symbols and how to use these symbols, is we here gonna learn about that. So get ready and hold your notebook and pen or save and pin it to your Pinterest.

Specific Site Search:

Sometimes you need to search only exact Single site search results in Google. So there are options for a single site search. What you had to do is type “site:” before the URL or the domain name of the results you want. Let’s take a look and try: We want the exact search results in Google for the “” site how to do this? just put like below: “” search this in Google Search and you’ll get only specific site search results.

Specific Website Search Results

Specific Phrase Search:

Specific Phrase Search also works like we search Specific Site Search. In this case, we had to search for a specific phrase. To do this just put two inverted commas before your phrase which you are looking for. Let’s take a look and try: We had to find the “India is my country” phrase how to do? Just put like below : [“India is my country”] search this in Google Search and you’ll get only specific phrase search results.

Specific Phrase Search

Exclude Search Terms:

To exclude certain terms, use the dash right before the phrase that we want to skip. Let’s take a look and try: We want to search for Sachin Tendulkar but don’t want to see any results about Cricket in the results, Then we just type in [Sachin Tendulkar -“Cricket”].

Exclude Search Terms

Similar Search Terms:

If you want to search for similar search terms, add a tilde (~) symbol before the word that similar words you want to search. Let’s take a look and try: We want to search for compounds, then we had to type [~compounds] in google search results. This Google Trick is useful for Researchers.


Similar Search Terms

Related Words Search Terms:

If you want to search a Related words search terms, add a dash (-) symbol before the word that related words you want to search. Let’s take a look and try : We want to search for the sweeper, then we had to type [-sweeper] in google search results. This Google Trick is also useful for Researchers.

Related Words Search Terms

Google Tricks That Works With Search Engine

(2.1) Web Text Editor

Browser Text Editor

If you want to bring up a basic text editor you can type in, or just paste this into the address bar in your browser:

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

Note: You can also bookmark this to use it anytime.

2.2) Recursion

Google Recursion Trick

Search for “recursion” on Google. then google says “did you mean recursion” but your spelling is correct. You’ll get stuck on it, google ask you again and again. Click Here to find out.
(opens in a new tab) To understand recursion you should know recursion.” This cool trick of Google is for the IT guys out there.

2.3) Anagram

Google asking did you mean “Nag A Ram” To Anagram

When you search for the word “Anagram”, Google asks you if you meant “Nag A Ram”. It’s nothing but a made-up word, essentially an Anagram of the word “Anagram”, get it? Click Here!

What is Anagram?

An Anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of a different word or phrase, typically using all the original letters exactly once. For example, the word anagram can be rearranged into nag a ram, or the word binary into brainy, or the word adobe into the abode.

2.4) Do a Barrel Roll

Do a Barrel Roll Google Trick

Go to Google and type “do a barrel roll” in the search box and see the magic When you search it in google it will cause the search results to perform a 360-degree somersault before your eyes. It is used to rotate your whole Google search screen, try this by searching in Google Search: do a Barrel roll. ( Click On This )

2.5) Askew

Askew Google Search Tricks

It is a trick Just for time pass, no extra importance for this Google Search Tricks. To-Do search Askew on google it will take your page to 30 degrees right down. Click Here to check this Latest Fun Google Trick.

2.6) Google Gravity

Google Gravity Search Trick

You are going to check an Amazing Google Search Trick Type in the “Google Gravity” on the homepage and then click on the “I’m feeling lucky” button. It will redirect you to one of the fun projects called “Google Gravity”. It is a Google Experiment done by Hi-Res.

2.7) Google Underwater

Google Search Engine Underwater With Fishes

Open the browser and type underwater and click on the first result. In this the simple underwater interface of search engines shown. you can do what you want with an underwater experience.

2.8) Thanos

Thanos Google Trick

It works sometimes, maybe when you try it’s unavailable. But this is also one of the funniest and awesome tricks in 2019. When You search Thanos on google. The links on google search results start to disappear. Just try with your Luck. Click Here!

2.9) Google Guitar

Google Guitar

Open your browser’s home page and search guitar on google then tap/click 1st result that shows guitar. After opening the page you able to make fun with a guitar theme. you can play the guitar and make your own music with the guitar

(2.10) Google Country Search Page

Getting redirected to a country-specific Google search page. Copy this and try to avoid this. Click Here to Go Direct Your Country Page.

2.11) Blink HTML

Html Blinking Google Trick
Blink HTML Trick

This is more interesting when your search “blink HTML” in google, then all HTML in the search result starts blinking. Click Here!

2.12) Tip Calculator

Tip Calculator Google

For the calculation of tips, you can use the search tip calculator. it s a simple calculator that calculates tips of any amount you need to calculate. this trick is very to use full when you need to give tip to anyone.

2.13) Currency Converter

Google Currency Converter

If you find to convert the US dollar to Indian rupees then Google Search Engine is the best place. even you can convert any currency available in the world to others. just open search and type currency converter. select country currency and amount. that’s all.

2.14) Get Any Definition

Computer Definition

To get the definition of anything uses can find it on the web. It can able to define anything as per requirement. simply open Google Search Engine type definition of [ what you want ]. web engines make the correct definition for you. for example, we tested the definition of a computer in the above screenshot.

2.15)  Phone Location Tracking

Phone Location Tracking Trough Google

Lost your Android phone? You can Ring your phone even if it is in silent mode, also you can erase Data, or lock your smartphone remotely using Android Device Manager. Just Search Find My Phone in Google to Locate your Phone instantly

2.16) Google Mirror

Google Mirror

In this method, the home page is fully converted into a mirror image of it. The typing is also getting a mirror image. To perform this open Google Search Engine and type mirror and click on the top result. All results in the mirror trick shown as the opposite side, it wouldn’t understand.

2.17)  Google in 1998

Google Search Engine In 1998 Looks

When You Go to google search results and search: google in 1998. It Will show you the old interface of google from 1998. Just try this you will get it. Click here if having trouble while finding it.

2.18)  Google Space

Google Space

Google Sky is another cool trick on Google that enables users to fly through space. Visit to explore Google Space. This will open the whole space, you can click and zoom the galaxy’s very interesting for free time.

2.19)  Google Ad Preferences

Visit to see How Google View You: ( )

2.20) Unit Converter

Google Unit Converter

search engines have the ability to convert anything as per requirement. just type convert of how many. we tested many converters on Google Search Engine like weight, height, money, etc. it shows you well clean architecture to convert what you want.

2.21) Google Free Proxy

Free Google Proxy From Google Translator

Do you Know Google Translate can be your Free Proxy by Following these steps : Go to google translate. Enter a site address ( in the first translation tab. Now click on the results of the secondary translation tab. Here is your result.

2.22)  Instant Notepad In Browser

Instant Notepad Amazing Trick

Use your Computer’s  Browser as Notepad quickly by copy and entering this in search bar : ( data:text/HTML, <html contenteditable> ). Click here to Direct Link. If it’s not working then just copy the above code and paste it to your address bar.

2.23) Sunset/Sunrise Time

Based On Location Automatic

A web browser is the best tool to forget information about sunset and sunrise times. simply type sunset or sunrise time and press enter. Google Search Engine will show the exact time of sunset or sunrise. the time differs as per country and location. for fast knowledge of sunset time using a web browser or search bar.

2.24) Find Local Time

Find Local Time On Google

it is a small way to determine the date and time of where you currently stood without opening the calendar or any other apps. if you are browsing and suddenly need the full date and time and location of your place then type local time in Google Search Engine and see that.

2.25) Find Any Country’s Local Time

The above shown that Google Search Engine shows you the current time and date based on your location but it also shows you the date and time of other countries. just type local time of [ country name ] it shows the exact date and time of that country. in the above screenshot, we showed the USA local time.

2.26) Safe Browsing

Checking Safe Browsing of Website

Check a website is safe to visit or Not by entering this address plus the website domain name you want to check:

Replace infotechapb with the desired website or your own website url. Click here to try, if my website is safe for you or not?
Website Status Secure

But Remember For Big Content Sites Like,,, required specific URLs or subdomains to check safety. And you can check your own website also maybe it’s only 1 day old. Whether a one-day-old site is gonna showing safe also.

2.27) Google Image Search

Google Image Search Result

You can search on google with an image with the below-provided link: Search Google With Image. after visiting the page google images, you will see an icon of the camera before the search button. Click on the camera icon and upload or add your image URL to find a related image of yours.

2.28) Custom Google Name Logo

Custom Google Logo

With Google’s custom name logo, you can add any text to the google logo and can make it your own to impress or shocking your friends. You also can share this with your friends on social media. And tell them this secret google trick. Now the thing is how to use Custom Google Name. Go to to add your name of text instead of google. After visiting this website, they will ask you to enter a name that you want to show on the logo. So simply put the desired name into the box and hit the enter button to continue. And here your Custom Google Name Logo is ready. Now you can take a screen-shot or share it with your friends. Tip: You can share a live URL with available share buttons on the website.

2.29) Green Hill Zone

Green Hill Zone Google Trick

This is my third favorite google trick. These are very amazing google tricks. You had to search the green hill zone on google and the above page showing in the image will appear after the search. Now you have to click on the cartoon dragon shown in the image right side of SERP (search engine result page). And it will start an animation with funny music. Click here to directly go to that green hill google search result page.

2.30) Wizard Of Oz

Google Search Result For Wizard Of Oz

This is my fourth favorite trick after green hill zone, type on google wizard of OZ. And in the SERP (search engine result page) click on sandals showing in the upper right corner and see magic. The entire page is going to roll one time and the color of the page gets dull after rotation. As shown below in the image of an example:

Moving Google Search Result Page Around 360 Degree

Just try it and share it with your friends.

(2.31) Digits To Words Converter

Digits To Words Converter

It is another useful and amazing trick on google. To convert any digit numbers to an English word use google to search for this. just type 1234=English replace 1234 with your own number. It shows you the number in word format. You can enter any numbers that you want to in Words.

(2.32) The Loneliest Number

Its Funny

It is like a crazy trick on google when the first time I try this I will start laughing badly. Search in google “the loneliest number” then it shows the result with a calculator and the answer is 1.

(2.33) I’m Feeling Curious Google Trick

When you search for the phrase “Fun Facts” or “I’m Feeling Curious” – Google will serve you with randomly generated Questions And Answers

Search for “I’m Feeling Curious” and Google will serve up a random factoid for you to enjoy

This is a very great and useful trick for learners. And also an amazing trick for time-pass and to gain some General Knowledge with Fun. You can play at home with your cousin’s quiz game. And you can make your own quiz test. This feature of google is perfect at the office. In this Google trick, when you search “I’m feeling curious” on google. It will give you an amazing question with answers from the whole web. It is like a Quiz. Who has been on SNL the longest? | How many square feet is the Winchester Mystery House? | Can dogs see in color or just black and white? |Is San Marino an independent country? where some of the facts InfoTech APB saw when testing out the new feature.

(2.34) Is Google Down

Is Google Down a google search trick that will give you the answer no. your simple answer NO as company reputation view.

Its Funny

For doing fun on the web just ask in the browser is google down. It shows you NO because It is the heart of the internet it never goes down.

(2.35) Google Earth View

Google Earth View Zoom On Dubai

For experience Satellite images. use Google Search Engine to view actual images of earth and area whatever you want to see. It will updates automatically as live times in some locations. Click Here to go google earthGoogle Earth shows you the entire earth on your computer’s Browser. You can see anything present on earth on your computer. Zoom in anywhere you want. You can see your own house on google earth and take snaps to share. I and my friend love traveling. But we can’t go due to some reason. So in our office when we feel bored, we open google earth and also google maps. And started viewing beaches and Islands.

(2.36) Web Driver Torso

Changed Google Logo By Searching Web Driver Torso

In this trick, when you search on googleweb driver torso” google will change its logo icon into an animated colors icon, with red, blue, green, and yellow Colours. This Random logo keeps changing in seconds. Click Here to directly open the WebDirver Torso Google SERP (search engine result page).

(2.37) Learn Drawing With MR. Doob

Learn Drawing With MR. Doob

It also has a creative game like coding and drawing. open bar and type quick drawn then click on 1st result. after that, It will start a game named quick drawn. in this game, something’s name is given and you need to draw it on board given by the browser. make the score in this game in your free time.

(2.38) Google Colour Picker

Google Colour Picker
Colour Picker Google

For developers or designer color picker is the most useful things that both people need. Google provides you with an accurate color picker in just one click. Click Here to Directly Open Google’s Colour Picker Tool. When you search “Colour Picker” on google it will give you the Colour picker tool showing above in the image. You can change Colours by seeking the dot and copy the desired color code to your computer project or etc.

(2.39) Google Birthday Surprise Spinner

Google Birthday Surprise Spinner

If you trying to spin a birthday spinner for your friend’s birthday. It provides you a birthday spinner that works very well. open Google Search Engine and find for birthday surprise spinner.

3.40) Earth Day Quiz

Google’s Earth Day Quiz

This is my favorite game on the internet. this game show you what animal personality suits you. to perform this, open Google Search Engine and type earth day quiz. after that answer the simple questions and see your suitable animal personality.

3.41) Google Breathing Exercise Tool

Google Breathing Exercise Tool

Trying to meditate, let’s type in Google Search Engine meditate and you see the board with breathe in and breathe out. it automatically adjusts the time for your breath. do as shown onboard to perfectly meditates.

2.42) Google Calculator

Google Calculator
Google Calculator Tool

For accessing calculators instantly use a browser. open Google Search Engine search and type calculator. the calculator is a basic calculator that provides you the best experience as a normal calculation or scientific calculation.

2.43) Metronome

Google Metronome
Interesting Google Trick

The metronome is used by musicians to pick correct music tones. but you can impress friends by typing metronome on Google Search Engine and start tone. it continually produces sound with respect to minutes. see the example in the above screenshot.

Google Games And Funny Tricks

(3.1) Atari Breakout.


Bored! Go to Google images and search Atari Breakout. No one can ever forget the experience of the real Atari Breakout from the ’90s. Click Here and Perform Action and play the most interesting games of 90s kids. Or go to google and search atari breakout and click on the first result. It will start playing.

(3.2) Pacman.

Google Pac Man

This one is my Favorite ever when I’m bored at work. Then I play this game, to feel free. It a=take your mind off from negative vibes. Just Try it. Go to google search results and search Pacman. Click Here To Perform Action and play the most interesting games of 90s kids. Or go to google and search Pacman and click on play. It will start playing.

(3.3) Zerg Rush.

Google Zerg Rush Game

Go to google search and type Zerg Rush and click on the first search result. Click Here If you didn’t find it don’t worry. Maybe it is removed from the web. When you type “zerg rush” on ElgooG, several ‘o’ starts to fall off from the search bar and slowly eat up the whole page leaving nothing behind. It’s fun to watch.

(3.4)  Wining solitaire.

Search Play Solitaire On Google
Playing Solitaire Online Free

It is like the same thing just given above but the difference is that it gets a bounce like a ball where you tap on the screen. Type solitaire wining and press I’m feeling lucky.

(3.5) Voxel

Voxel Google Fun Trick

Make your own 3D structure in the browser with help of Mr. Doob. search google voxel and press the feeling lucky button to land on this page. It is a complete 3D interface that makes it possible to build some structure in the Google Search Engine browser.

(3.6) Voxel liquid

3D Voxel Liquid

Is like voxel 3D but in that, you will get a wave-like texture when you move the cursor on it. search for voxel liquid in Google Search Engine and press the first result.

(3.7) Zoom Blur Google Eclipse

Let experience the ellipse creation on your PC. Mr. Doob provides you to create and experience the ellipse on your screen. type zoom blur and press feeling lucky to land on this page.

Google Sun Moon Eclipse

(3.8) Branching

3D Google Branches Animation

Try the branching by search the branching Mr. Doob then click the first result. After landing on the page click anywhere to start a chain reaction.

(3.9) Speed Test

Internet Speed Test By Google Tricks
Net Speed Result

If you are trying to check your internet speed, It provides you an option to test your internet speed directly from the homepage. This test doesn’t need any downloads. Open google in your browser search bar and type speed test, It shows your interface as result to test your speed quickly.

(3.10) Dinosaur Game

Google Offline Dinosaur Game

ClickDinosaur Game, also known as T-Rex Game and Dino Runner, is an in-built browser game in the Google Chrome web browser. The game was created by Sebastien Gabriel in 2014 and can be accessed by hitting the spacebar when offline on Google Chrome. The creation of the game is to reference prehistoric times when going offline.

Google Chrome Extension Dinosaur Game

You can also add this game extension for the chrome browser to play it offline. you have to search it on google from your chrome browser and add it to your browser by clicking on add to chrome as shown up. After adding this to your chrome browser you can play the Dinasaur Game Offline and Without the Internet.

(3.11) Play Snake Game

Google Search Play Snake
Playing Snake Game On Google Free

Play Snake Is an open-source online game and ad-free to play for everyone in any country. After searching on google “play snake” you have to click on play and it will start playing as you can see up in the image as an example. It is a classic snake game, in this game when the snake touches four walls he will get killed. And Snake gets bigger and bigger after eating apples in the game. Very good game for time-pass for everyone.

(3.12) Play Minesweeper Game

Play Minesweeper On Google Search
Playing Minesweeper On Google Tricks

like other games available on search pages directly. one of them is minesweeper. open google search and type minesweeper to google search and click on play this game. Click here to directly open the Play snake google game page. But I don’t like this game much. I could never understand what it is? And how to play this. But some of you may be like this game, so I added this to this online google games list.

(3.13) Google’s Logo Snake Game


It is a classic snake game by search engines. open and type snake. Click on the first Google search result page. Click here to directly open the Play google logo snake game page. it is a non-downloaded game that’s very good for time pass with a Google Search Engine. Make your high score on the snake game.

(3.14) Google Earth 3D View

3D View Earth On Google

For experience Satellite images. use Google Search Engine to view actual images of earth and area whatever you want to see. Click here to directly open this 3d view of google earth. earth shows you the entire earth on your computer. you can see anything present on earth on your computer.

(3.15) Flip A Coin

Coin Flipper Google Trick

For any competition or tournament, you don’t need a coin to flip. just use Google Search Engine and type flip a coin. It will flip a coin with their algorithm and show you what is the result. head or tail. it is a purely random formula from search algorithms.

(3.16) Play Tic Tac Toe

Google T

If you are bored with the internet and try to beat your computer I tic tac toe game. open Google Search Engine and type tic tac toe and it will start the game. beat the computer in this game to show your mind power.

(3.17) 10 Value Spinner

Google 10 Value Spinner

10 Value spinner is an online spinner on google from value 1 to 10. when you search on google 10 value spinner, google gives you a spinner from a value of 1 to 10. And after pressing the Spin button the spinner starts moving around and stops automatically in 5 seconds. Click here to play this or open 10 Value Spinner Google. You can add any number before the value spinner from 1 to 20. Like you can say to google 15 value spinner. And it will give you a spinner of a value from 1 to 18 automatic. Also when you open the spinner from the above link you can set the value of the spinner by clicking on the top left side on Google SERP. And from the top right side, you can convert this value spinner to a simple spinner. That’s all how this google value spinner works.

(3.18) Simple Fidget spinner Play

Metronome Spinner Google

As I say up you can change it to a simple or value spinner by clicking on the right top side of Google SERP. And this is the Simple Classic Spinner from Google search Engine Result Page. Click here to play this or open google’s Fidget spinner. This classic spinner is also known as the Fidget spinner and similarly, you can play this by searching on google “Fidget spinner” and it will start moving. That’s all you have to know about Google’s Fidget spinner Or Simple Classic Spinner.

The metronome is used by musicians to pick correct music tones. but you can impress friends by typing metronome on Google Search Engine and start continually produces sound with respect to minutes. see the example in the above screenshot.

(3.18) Play Animal Sound

Google Animal Voices

To listen to animal sounds you can listen to the internet. Just type for animal sound and a block appears. this block contains a total of 57 animal sounds. As per your wish listen to what you want. Click here to directly go to that play animal sounds google page.

All Animal List Google Search

In the upper image is a list of animals that can play sounds.

(3.19) Roll A Dice

Roll a Dice On Google

Google offers you roll a dice option just like flip a coin. you can roll dice up to 20 numbers. Click here to directly go to that and play google’s roll a dice page. if you are betting your friends in the lab then open the computer and type roll dice in the search bar. It shows you a random number that tells the dice number.

(3.20) Spin A Dreidel

Google Spin A Dreidel

Spin the dreidel is an ancient game. in this game, a moving spinner is located in between two players. once the spinner starts rotating and stops with a sign drawn on a spinner. that a sign represents work for the player. Click Here to directly open and play google’s spin a dreidel page. open the google search engine and search for a spin a dreidel to play this game.

(3.21) Colorful Magic Dust

3D Animated Colourful Dust

Experience the high-quality dust spreading on your screen. open the below-provided link to play this colorful magic dust animation game.

Type Magic Dust and press feeling lucky. It will show the page where click launch experiment then you see dust which is continuously moving in a random direction with some color-changing option given on the upper right corner.

(3.22) Winning Solitaire Cards

Google Winning Solitaire Bounce

It is like the same thing just given above but the difference is that it gets a bounce like a ball where you tap on the screen. open the below-provided link to play this card game.

Open this link and click on play. Type solitaire wining and press I’m feeling lucky.

(3.23) Internet Explorer 6

Internet Explorer 6 Error

Enjoy the past time error of internet explorer for fun. open Google Search Engine and type for Internet explorer 6 effect Mr. Doob then click on the I’m feeling lucky button. Click here to directly open this and play the Internet Explorer 6 effect Game. you will get a window in which thousands and thousands of tabs being created as you move the cursor on the screen.

(3.24) Quick Draw And Speak

Google Speaks the Shape You Draw

It also has a creative game like coding and drawing. open bar and type quick drawn then click on 1st result. After that, It will start a game named quick drawn. Click here to directly open this and play Quick Drawn Game. In this game, something’s name is given and you need to draw it on board given by the browser. Make the score in this game in your free time.

(3.25) Coloured Changing Sphere

Photo Color Catch Ball

Coloured Changing Sphere is a tricky game at Mr. Doob’s site, the rounding ball showing in the image is changing itself colors simultaneously. Click here to open and play the colored sphere game. But when you add an image to this ball on-page it will collect the color’s available on the image and change

(3.26) Beach Balls

Rolling Beach Balls

This beach ball game you can say it a time-pass game. As you can see in the image the colored balls are falling down to this 3d shape box. But when you click on blank space or background there will more balls appear here. That’s how the Beach ball Game Works. Click the link to try or play Beach Ball Game.

(3.27) On So They Can Say

1. Visit the below-provided link to play this Animation
Game Intro

After visiting the above link you will be get delivered to the above page.

2. Now you have to simply click on Start. Turn your Volume down before starting this Animation called “Or so they can say”

or-so-they-can- galaxy-stars-with-instrumental-music-on-screen-for-relaxing-google-relax-fun-game
Or So They Can

After Starting the animation a piece of intro music plays and then suddenly stops. Then after 4 or 5 seconds, peaceful music starts with the background full of stars as you can see up in the image. This is very helpful when you feeling down or get bored from daily work.

(3.28) Plane Deformation

Plane Deformation Hole Moves With Mouse

One Effect from Plane Deformation is played a hole with going continuously in an upward direction. It’s like hypnotism effects. Open the below-provided link to start this Animated Plane Deformation

Plane Deformation has 12 Animated effects. When you start this game with up gave link the first animation will start, to change and turn to the next animation just click on somewhere on the screen.

(3.29) Clouds

Coluds With Music

Open the below-provided link to start this Animated Clouds

Clouds you can see in the image shown up, and also the clouds are animated and viewing like realistic. In this animation clouds are moving and coming to your side from the screen, you can feel it and enjoy it like real clouds. A view from a Sky.

(3.30) Obsidian by XPLSV With Mr. Doob

Intro Obsidian
Running Coloured Shapes With Music

Open the below-provided link to start this Animated Obsidian Game By Mr. Doob

In the animated effect Obsidian by “XPLSV” when you open the link and click start the rock music plays with the moving 3D blocks in random position as you can see in image up. It is good for refreshing our 90s old days. Try this my be you’d love this Obsidian an Animated Game.

(3.31) Disturb & Click For Mess

Disturbed & Mess

Open the below-provided link to start this Disturb and Mess Animated Colours

After opening the above link you have to drop an image to this page to start this animated Disturb game, and when you click on the side of this effect it will start moving fast like crazy that’s why the Disturb & Click For Mess is the name of this animation game. I would suggest you to must try this out. It’s Amazing and unique ever from all animated and flash games.

(3.32) 100 Plus 3js Games

150 More Games

Click here to go to the 3js’s 100 plus animated games page. As you can see above, around 50 animated games show in, but when you visit that page from the above link, you will see more than 100 games on this page after scrolling down. These are different animated games that are listed in this article. So go to that page and enjoy it.

(3.33) Spin Painter

Spinner With Coloured Music Moves

Open the below-provided link to start this Animated Spin Painter Game

When you visit the spin painter another animated effect (game), it will show you a black and blank screen. But when you click on the middle of the blank screen the small tiny colorful balls start moving around and make a circle and slowly faded as you can see in the above image. It looks like an interesting effect game, after one click it will never stop moving. and slowly moves and turns into random colors.

(3.34) Sporel With Mr. Doob

Game From Mr. Doob
Sporel Design With Music

Open the below-provided link to start this Sporel an animated game by Mr. Doob

After opening Sporel an animated Effect Game from the above-provided link, it will ask you to start this game “sporel” by Mr. Doob. But when you click on start a piece of suspenseful music plays out and a Colorful 3D ball moves slowly. The music in this animation used is a length of 6.46 minutes. It feels scary for me.

(3.35) 3Js Sketches

Amazing Sketches Designs
Horror Sound Galaxy Animated View

Open the below-provided link to start this 3Js Sketches

When you visit the above-provided link the animated 3js effect game page opens with a frame of 39 different effects as you can see in the first image above shows. But on the above image, there are only showing 6 effects, after visiting that page from the above-provided link you can see more effects by scrolling down with your mouse. You can play one by one as you want. We opened 9th the Sky Galaxy Effect For you as you can see in 2nd image. You can edit this effect as you want by clicking on the edit button below the right side of the corner. After clicking on the edit button. a new page opens as you can see in the 3rd image above.

Creative Designs

I tried and created a green background galaxy. This is just testing for you. You can do it more with this edit effect. And don’t forget this is only 1 effect that I tried from the above 13’s you can create more with all of the left 13 Animated 3Js Effects.

(3.36) Water Type Text

Typed Text With Animation

Open the below-provided link to start this Water Text Animated Game

Water Type is an animated flash effect that works with a left-click on it. You can type any text from your computer keyboard without any additional steps. After writing

(3.37) 91 Ball Pool

91 Ball Pool

Open the below-provided link to start this 91 Ball Pool Animated Game

(3.38) Mess And Disturb

Mess & Disturbed

Open the below-provided link to start this Disturb and Mess Animated Colours

After opening the above link you have to drop an image to this page to start this animated Disturb game, and when you click on the side of this effect it will start moving fast like crazy that’s why the Disturb & Click For Mess is the name of this animation game. I would suggest you to must try this out. It’s Amazing and unique ever from all animated and flash games.

(3.39) Fire

Fire With Clicks

Open the below-provided link to start this Fire Animation Game

When you open the above-provided link a fire of flames will be shown to your screens comes from the bottom to the middle of your screen. And you can click or touch to create more flames on your screen. That’s why the name of this animated fire flames effect is “Fire”. It’s not much good it’s just another one for the time-pass game.

(3.40) Google Sphere

Google Sphere

Open the below-provided link to start this Google Sphere Game

When you visit the link above provide there will be a screen that opens the same as a google search engine as you can see in the above image, it will start moving randomly and follow your mouse directions to move. Click here to directly open this play animated google sphere game. Where you move your mouse the elements around the google will starts moving.

(3.41) Harmony & Sketches

Harmony Sketches

Open the below-provided link to start this Harmony & Sketches Painter

When you open the above link then a page opens with a pencil painter. You can create it with a pencil painting. It is something different from others.

(3.42) 3D RotoZoomer Effect

3D RotoZoomer Effect

Open the below-provided link to start this 3D Realistic zoom Effects

RotoZoomer is a 3D animated effect that works automatically without clicking and pressing any key. When you visit the above provide a link it will start automatically moving Random with skull faces. It is another time-waste or you can say it a time-pass game.

(3.43) Red Branching

Animated Branching

Open the below-provided link to start this Red Branching Animation

When you visit Red Branching Page from the above-given link, suddenly a bunch of random lines will start moving randomly. When I see it the first time it will look like for me hundreds of worms moving randomly in speed. But when you zoom in and see it is animated branching. That looks nice to see., And then you move your mouse in any position the more branches will starting creates.

(3.44) Water Remix Waves

Water Waves

Open the below-provided link to start this Water Remix Waves

Water remix waves are the waves that will start to run automatically when you visit the Water Remix Wave Page from the given link above. And moving consistently at a constant speed. But when you click on the screen or on the waves it will change its wave shapes and start moving at another constant speed. But it looks great to click on these waves and gives us satisfaction.

(3.45) 3D Wave Form

Animated 3D Waves

Open the below-provided link to start this 3D Wave Form

The 3D Waveform is an animated 3d wave with a 3D sound. When you visit the animated page it will start automatically. And it is also that doesn’t work with any key or mouse. But the sound in this Animation is weird. So I will give it 2.5 out of 5. You also give your ratings in the comments below.

(3.46) Click & Drag Water Waves

Create Waves With Click

Open the below-provided link to start this Water Waves Animation

Water Waves is a simple classy blue color wave. It totally depends on your clicks and touches. And depends on you how you can enjoy it with single clicks, constant single clicks, or click and drag. The above-given image couldn’t specify its animation quality. You should try it yourself must.

(3.47) Checkbox Painter

Try Checkbox Painter

Open the below-provided link to start this Checkbox Painter

Checkbox Painter is another painter tool that will work with click and fill checkboxes and you can make any design or painting.

(3.48) Checkbox Running Balls

Checkbox Balls

Open the below link to start this Checkbox Running Balls

Checkbox Running Balls will also run automatically. It also has no role of clicks, touches, and keyboard. The Checkbox ball runs randomly.

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